Descriptions of our brews:

Sugarhouse Road Ale - American Pale Ale:

Moderately hopped with Cascade to an IBU in the mid 30's. Local dark maple syrup added late in the boil provides a rounded mouthfeel.

Newark Spring Ale - IPA

An India Pale Ale in the lower ABV range, kettle hopped with Citra to an IBU in the upper 70's.

Manchester Brown Ale - Brown Ale

A dark ruby-colored English brown ale with caramel notes and light hop flavor.

Langsam Lager - Vienna Lager

An amber lager with malt-sweet aroma and slight toastiness. A lingering off-white head with medium carbonation.

Pat Noir - Schwarzbier

A clear black lager with a lasting tan head. Coffee-like roast aroma followed by light sweetness. Clean malty flavor with a dry finish.

Edgeless Porter

A smooth malty dark ale with slight toffee-like notes.

Willoughby White - Witbier

A Belgian witbier with spice and fruity aromas from the yeast and the zests of grapefruit, lemon, lime and orange.

Hoppy Logger - IPL

A collaboration with St. J Brewery. This rule-breaker is a pale European style lager dry hopped to the level typical of a North American IPA.

Saison des Mouches

A maltier and higher alcohol version of a Saison, introduced just in time for its translation "bug season".


Made of Non-Gluten Ingredients. A sorghum based amber ale made with dark Belgian candied sugar and honey.

Wicked Milk Stout

A smooth, sweet milk stout powered by notes of roasted chocolate and caramel malt.


A New England style IPA, generously dry-hopped and characterized by intense citrus fruit flavors hidden beneath its opaqueness.

Tripel Ringer

A hazy and juicy Belgian Tripel ale, slightly darker than a classic Tripel from substituting dark maple syrup for cane sugar. Notes of coriander and citrus. Given the high ABV without the alcohol heat, it's a smooth sleeper!


Updated 20 June 2018